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Property Management

Commercial Real Estate

Accounting / Reporting

Our team handles all aspects of the property accounting cycle. We prepare monthly, quarterly and annual statements in accordance with GAAP. Because of our commitment to the advancement in property management technology and our partnership with Yardi Systems for our accounting software, we are able to provide state of the art custom tailored reporting solutions to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Construction Management

Our team of professional construction managers oversee the design, planning, coordination, vendor and material selection, payment application and job oversight of tenant improvement and property capital projects.

Expense Analytics

Our firm utilizes the latest technology from Yardi Systems Business Intelligence to aggregate our portfolio expense information to identify expense performance analytics by property type, property class and location. With this information provided daily we are able to quickly and efficiently identify if a property is overpaying for operating expenses. This information is real time and allows us to pro-actively manage the expenses.

Due Diligence

We understand what it takes to underwrite and effectively evaluate property investments. Our team will handle all aspects of the due diligence process including: lease abstracts, title review, vendor evaluation, financial modeling, inspections and third party report coordination.

Inspection Services

We have the ability to customize our inspection formats to meet the demands of our diverse client base and properties under management. All of our managers and maintenance engineers utilize mobile applications that feed directly into our Yardi Systems database. The information is stored for future reference and the images associated with the inspections are time stamped including the longitude and latitude where the image was captured.


Arcadia offers the ability for the property to be insured under our master insurance program. The program was designed by The Travelers. The program currently covers over five hundred million dollars of real estate. In addition, we offer an aggregate fifty million dollar liability umbrella over and above the two million dollar coverage that is part of the property package. This program typically saves 25-35% of the standard business owners policy that we see used in the marketplace.

Lease Administration & Compliance

Leveraging our partnership with Yardi Systems we utilize the latest technology to handle full lease administration and compliance. This technology allows us to comply with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Our automation of lease compliance improves accuracy and ensures critical information is readily available to our team and clients.


Arcadia Management Group offers twenty-four hour on-call management and a full maintenance support team seven days a week. Our team is focused on providing proactive maintenance. We assign a local building engineer to carry out a range of maintenance items from replacing exterior light bulbs and ballasts to conducting inspections. The maintenance engineer will touch your project weekly or as needed basis. Our core maintenance technology is designed by Yardi Systems and offers our tenants the ability to place online work orders that are automatically routed to our maintenance engineers.

Sustainability Programs

We value the environment and work diligently to participate in different sustainability initiatives through local, state and federal programs. Our team of professionals have participated in different sustainability certifications and annual maintenance of sustainable programs. We have developed different technology resources leveraging our relationship with Yardi Systems. We work conscientiously to discover sustainable solutions with Design, Energy, Water, Health, Materials, Recycling and Purchasing.

Vendor Compliance

We were the first 3rd party fee manager in the United States to implement Yardi’s Vendor Café. As beta testers, our team of executives helped Yardi Systems develop a first class vendor compliance software solution. Vendor Café allows our property vendors to upload contracts, tax information, insurance certificates and invoices. The system provides transparency for our vendors and allows our team of managers to focus on the important property management tasks without bogging our management staff down with administration of vendor relationships.

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