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History of Arcadia Management

Founded in 1986 by Peggy Burgess to concentrate on bringing quality commercial property management to the Southwest. We began with one retail property of less than 20,000 sq. ft. We now manage over 29 million sq. ft. From day one we have worked to introduce innovative technologies that help deliver operating efficiencies. In 1998, we teamed up with Yardi Systems, Inc. We have always been ahead of the competition with early adoption of successful technology and have been instrumental in the development of specific Yardi tools that have gone on to help the property management industry as a whole.

Our track record of success and innovation has seen us become the largest third party-only management firm headquartered in Phoenix and a key player in other areas of the Southwest.

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We're not brokers.
We're not leasing agents.

Arcadia Management focuses exclusively on commercial property management and maintenance.

With over 29 million square feet managed across the United States, Arcadia Management has the infrastructure to help ensure the success of your property.