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Our obsession with quality property management has led us to implement an onboarding system to train our employees and to continue to provide quality training and education. All of our employees are tested and provided with an online education portal that they are required to use monthly. When you grow it is important to establish a system to manage your employees training and development. This doesn’t just apply to the senior management staff but this goes across the board with all of our employees.

We hire and retain industry all-stars and have developed an employee retention program that is one of the best commercial real estate management retention programs in the United States. All of our employees participate in a quarterly profit sharing program. Our team of professionals have allowed us to achieve our goals.

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We're not brokers.
We're not leasing agents.

Arcadia Management focuses exclusively on commercial property management and maintenance.

With over 29 million square feet managed across the United States, Arcadia Management has the infrastructure to help ensure the success of your property.